I first met Mike Lynch about 10 years ago, a short time after I gained my IFBB pro card in professional bodybuilding. As manager of the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, New York, I frequently saw Mike working with clients as well as training himself, and I was always intrigued by what I saw. Focused, intense, and clearly passionate about what he does, Mike motivates others to achieve their best and helps them along their journey to that end. As a result of his expertise, Mike has become one of the foremost private trainers at the gym, and, in the time I’ve known him, I’ve watched his business flourish.

I’ve been competing in the bodybuilding industry for over 10 years, and although I have a great deal of knowledge myself, I felt confident going to Mike for advice because I know he is always reading up on the most recent research about nutrition, and he is always willing to share that information with others. Although I had previously sought Mike’s advice on an informal level, when it came time for me to begin my preparation for the 2008 Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia, I decided to hire Mike as my nutritional consultant because I knew that, if anyone could help me take my conditioning and physique to the next level, it was Mike. On the Monday morning after Mike and I first met, he showed up at the gym at the ungodly hour he usually does, and he handed me an envelope. Inside it were clippings of the then-current Mr. Olympia. Confused, I asked Mike what I was supposed to do with them. He instructed me that, if I really wanted to win, I would put the pictures on my refrigerator, my night table, and even in my pocket, as a constant reminder of who I was competing against and how hard I had to work. This small motivational tip not only inspired me throughout the following weeks, but it also reminded me of the dedication and loyalty of the man I hired to work with me.

Mike helped to teach me the importance of every ounce and gram of food that I ingested, and he also helped me to understand their effects on my body. He introduced me to ideas about nutrition I had never heard anyone in the industry talk about, and he clearly explained to me why these tips would help me to surpass my competition. As a result of this, I am proud to say that I took second place in the 202 Division of the 2008 Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia, and today, I am currently holding the title of the 202 lb. Mr Olympia. Additionally, my win helped me to procure a multi-year contract with one of the industry’s leading supplement companies, Xenadrine.

I still see Mike on a daily basis, working his clients hard and motivating others, like he motivated me, to achieve their personal bests. I have personally experienced what a great motivator Mike is, and I am confident that anyone, no matter what their physical shape or conditioning can achieve great results when working with Mike.

Kevin English
2002 Mr. Olympia

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