MY LynchFit Testimonial!

If you believe it, you can achieve it, the only thing in the way is yourself.

One day after my 48th Birthday, I went to Mike Lynch of to help guide me on a journey to a more healthy body & to learn a new system of working out. After playing sports and working out my entire life, I was suddenly stuck in a workout rut. No matter how much time, effort and energy I put into the gym, I felt like nothing was working and just couldn’t get the results I desired. I felt like I was literally punching a clock and was losing motivation. My health had begun deteriorate and my blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol levels continued to rise. It was time for a drastic change, time to take control of my body through proper nutrition and a new way of working out. I was never out of shape, my style of working out had become antiquated and was less effective the older I got. It was time to use my laser focus to overcome the bad nutritional habits and decisions I have made over a life time by developing programs with Mike to help improve the way I worked out and the way I ate. In 15 weeks I worked with LYNCHFIT the results were extraordinary. I didn’t just achieve my goals, I blew them out of the water and reached levels quicker than I ever could have imagined. Change is difficult, change is hard, bad habits are hard to break, if you surround yourself with the right people with the proper techniques and skillsets to guide you through it, anything is possible. As human beings we have the ability to change any area or aspect of our lives, as long as we have the inner strength, fortitude and motivation to do so. Each one of us is capable of reaching heights we never could have imagined. 6 months later and I’m still using the systems Mike put in place and the results are undeniable, I grow and change a little more in a positive manner each and every day.

I recommend Mike and Lynchfit to anybody who wants to change their life and achieve their fitness goals through hard work, dedication and devotion. You can do this, and there is no better guide than Mike. You just have to be ready and want to make the change!

You’re Brother in Fitness,
Battalion Chief Mike Meyers FDNY