I felt like my life was a roller coaster that wouldn’t end.  I would eat, diet, eat, diet; never exercise.  I was constantly going up and up.  As my weight grew, so did my frustrations and lack of self.  I knew there had to be a better way.
I saw Mike Lynch training someone at a local gym.  I had the feeling that he was my missing link.  I worked out with Mike once a week at the beginning, then twice a week, now three times a week!  His knowledge, no nonsense approach mixed in with compassion and humor, helped me to finally get both feet on the ground. I look forward to my training sessions with him.  They are always challenging but mixed in with fun and new insights.  Eight years later, and 77 pounds down (at only 5’2”),  I have learned how to eat and exercise to live, not how to live to eat and exercise.  I now love to workout and eat healthy.  I never thought I would ever say that! 
I changed my life and became a happier more productive individual.  Being healthy is number one, but buying clothes that I never thought I could ever wear is the icing on my new kind of cake!
I became a psychotherapist specializing in the issues that affect people from achieving their desired health and weight by dealing with life stresses and challenges, emotional eating, lack of motivation, etc.  My educational background and personal history makes this a perfect and successful fit.
Valerie Savell, MA, MS, NCC
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