I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike Lynch for just over 2 years now,which the longest I’ve stuck with any fitness program ever. Mike is truly passionate about what he does and brings a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to each session which is a reflection of how dedicated he is to his clients’ health and well-being. I instantly made a bond with him and found myself looking forward to every session. As a physician, I am greatly impressed by his in depth and expert knowledge of human physiology, body mechanics and nutrition. He brings a wealth of experience from over two decades as a trainer and personally tailors each client’s regimen for maximum results with no gimmicks—just what works. Few trainers can match his combination of experience and commitment to his client’s success. If you’re looking for a great trainer, who will both challenge you and motivate you to achieve success, look no further than Mike Lynch!

vin-0046Vin Velayudhan, DO
State University of New York Downstate Medical Center
Brooklyn, NY