I started working out with Mike in August of 2012 with my weight at 193 lbs, my waist a size 36 and trending up, and triglycerides at over 100. I had been working out with various personal trainers for 30 years prior to meeting Mike with nothing but weight gains and muscle pains, thinking that I was in good shape because, well, I was working out so this must be normal! Workouts would leave me exhausted with no energy and I thought that was the way it was supposed to be. Mike’s Lynchfit philosophy is to work the muscle, not kill it, and although his workouts are always challenging, I actually look forward to them and leave energized and feeling great. As a result, I’m now 163 lbs, my waist is a size 32 and going down, and my triglycerides are at 46. In fact, every measure of heart health has improved dramatically with Mike’s dynamic workouts and nutritional guidance! His infectious enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine affection for his clients is by far beyond anything I have experienced. Anyone wanting to get in great, lean shape and rid themselves of the aches and pains we’ve been told is a natural part of the aging process will be be miles ahead by starting with Mike.

Bob Jacoff